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Quick & Efficient Gutter Repair Service

While detached or leaky gutters might seem like a minor issue, all that water they’re supposed to divert away from your home has to go somewhere. “Somewhere” often turns out to be foundation flooding in the basement or stagnant water and mold growth underneath siding. The quickest way to prevent the problem from growing is by eliminating the source.

Lines Seamless Gutter is the premier gutter repair service in the area. Our skilled crew re-hangs, re-aligns and caulks gutter systems and replaces or repairs fascia boards damaged when gutters pull away from a home.

A Breakdown of Your Home Gutter System

There are four parts to a traditional residential gutter system. These include the gutter, downspout, soffit and fascia, which are typically made from durable metals but bend or dent with enough applied force. Ice and snow, shingle debris and wet leaves weigh more than you’d expect and may damage or break gutter parts.

Some of the most common gutter damage includes:

  • Rotting fascia board
  • Sagging gutters
  • Water overflow caused by blockages
  • Leaky seams in traditional gutter systems
  • Bad slope & slow drainage
  • Loose mounting
  • Winter ice dams

You should schedule gutter repairs as soon as possible after noticing damage before the water has a chance to seep through. You might also consider upgrading to a new seamless gutter system to reduce the risk of damage and leaks.

Contact Us for Routine & Emergency Gutter Repairs

When bad storms bring high winds and heavy rain or snow, your gutter system may bend or detach from your home. Lines Seamless Gutter provides emergency gutter repair service in addition to our routine gutter repair, cleaning and installation projects. Schedule an appointment today by calling (757) 520-1094 or submitting our online form.

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