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Why Gutters?

Why Gutters Are an Important Component of Your Home

While rainy days might spark creative indoor activities, heavy rainfall can spell trouble for Virginia homes without a quality gutter system. Rain gutters installed and maintained by a reputable gutter company protect the integrity and structure of a home from water that can cause structural and landscape damage.

How to Know When You Need Gutter Service

Your rain gutters might look secure from the ground, but certain signs will alert you to the fact that there’s a problem. If you spot either of the following, you should call a gutter company to investigate and solve the issue.

A Flooded Basement

When stormwater accumulates around the foundation of a home, it starts to creep into the basement through cracks and pores, often causing flooding. If this is a continuous issue, it’s likely your gutters aren’t working properly.

While poor landscape slope around your home can also cause basement flooding, gutter service still goes a long way toward preventing additional water from seeping through your foundation and causing damage.

Moldy or Rotting Siding

If the siding of your home starts to rot and mold, it may be because your gutters are no longer directing rainwater away from the house. Instead, water rolls down the outside walls of your home, where it collects beneath the siding.

Without attention, rotten, moldy siding causes structural deterioration, not to mention the effects it has on the appearance of your home and the health risks that mold can present for your family. Hiring our gutter company to clean or replace your gutters helps prevent further issues by directing future rainfall away from the house.

Contact Us at the First Sign of Trouble!

The sooner you call our professional gutter company after noticing a problem, the better. Catching a water issue early will prevent additional damage to your home. Lines Seamless Gutter is ready to schedule an inspection and plan a solution to help protect your home and family. Contact us for service today by calling (757) 520-1094 or submit our online form for more information.

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